LBWiT is a local community to help support women in our community.

This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and share your skills with others.

Ways to contribute

Host an event/lecture
Design assets
Write a blog post
Hold a leadership position

Leadership Positions

Events Coordinator

Event Organizer(s)

Community Organizer

Executive Administrator

Content Creator

Website Administrator

Graphic Designer

  • Creating/post event page
  • Finding Location
  • Project Manage Event
  • Create content for event
  • Determine details to cover
  • Structure outlines for event
  • Find ways to engage with community
  • Collaborate with other tech groups
  • Share ideas and feedback to the board
  • Maintain email and social media messengers
  • Maintain meeting minutes
  • Maintain MailChimp
  • Create backlog for blogs and social media
  • Create a newsletter once a month
  • Maintain LBWiT website
  • Add and maintain website content
  • Maintain website security
  • Design and maintain assets